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Spelling Rules Course

Spelling for Adults


Section 1


Section 2

Quick Daily Spelling Workouts

Section 3

Quick Spelling Tests

Section 4

Quick Proofreading Exercises

Section 5

Magic 'e' Silent 'e' Rules

Section 6

Drop the 'e' Rules

Section 7

Doubling up Rules

Section 8

-ck, -ke, -k, -ic Rules

Section 9


Section 10

Plural Spelling Rules

Section 11

Prefixes and Suffixes

Section 12

Common Endings

Section 13


Section 14

More Common Endings

Section 15

Little Rules

Section 16

Silent Letter Rules

Section 17

The History of Spelling

Section 18

Letters C and K

Section 19

"sh" sound and its patterns

Section 20

Vowel Letter Patterns

Section 21

Consonant Letters Patterns

Section 22

Word Families

Section 23

British vs. American Spelling

Section 24

Punctuation in Spelling

Section 25

Spelling Strategies & Secrets

Section 26

Tricky Spellings & Homophones